Slip and Fall Attorneys in New York City

"From the first moment I met the attorney Christopher Gorayeb I felt I was in the right place. The experience after my accident was successful because of the way the staff at Gorayeb's office treated me. During the process of my recovery, there were difficult days, but I never lost focus to move forward and despite the adversities between the pain and intense sleepless nights, one of these nights, I analyzed that Gorayeb's law firm is a serious, reliable and successful firm. Their trained staff made me feel like I was part of this family. Because of the way Gorayeb handled my case, I respectfully recommend that when someone has an accident, because nobody is exempt, do not hesitate to call Gorayeb & Associates, a powerful law firm where you will be well treated! God bless each one of you on the team and may each day bring more knowledge and wisdom to the lawyers who defend clients to their satisfaction."



"They're good lawyers, I liked their work. I recommend them and I feel very grateful to everyone at Gorayeb & Associates and my doctors."

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New York Machinery Accident Lawyer

"Very professional and helped me in everything I am very satisfied."

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Juan Carlos

"I am very grateful for your services, they were very efficient and constant during the time my case lasted..."

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